MCADE Presale Live: Play, Earn, Build, Connect and Reap Rewards!

• Metacade is a high-potential investment opportunity that has raised $10.9m in the presale.
• There are five main reasons why many consider MCADE tokens to be one of the best investments right now.
• With further technical releases and a CEX listing due in 2023, there is potential for the price of MCADE tokens to reach $1 this year.

Metacade’s Presale: Raising $10.9m

Metacade has made an impressive entrance onto the crypto scene, attracting attention with its promising outlook as an investment opportunity and raising an incredible $10.9m from its presale.

5 Reasons Why MCADE Tokens Are The Best Investments Today

There are a number of factors contributing to investor interest in Metacade, including:

  • The Biggest Play-To-Earn Arcade On The Planet: Metacade will offer the biggest P2E arcade, supporting every playstyle.
  • Rewards System: Contributors to the Metacade ecosystem benefit from an extensive rewards system.
  • Gamers Have A Direct Say: Via their Metagrants program, gamers have a direct say in which game development projects should be integrated into their platform.
  • Well-Designed Staking Options: MCADE holders can take advantage of well-designed staking options.


Initial DEX Offering (IDO) & CEX Listing

The final stage of the Metacade presale will see the price of MCADE rise to $0.02 ahead of an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This could drive more interest for investors who missed out on the presale, and with further developments such as technical releases and a CEX listing due in 2023, it is likely that we will see a surge in price for MCADE tokens this year — possibly even reaching as high as $1 per token!

Investment Potential

With such strong potential for growth over the coming years, investing in MCADE tokens now could lead to eye-watering returns for those who believe that Metacade has what it takes to be one of the best investments available today. Investors should ensure they do their research before taking part though — there are always risks associated with any type of investments!


Metacade looks set to make waves over the next few years thanks to its comprehensive plan and innovative features — so much so that some investors are already predicting that it could become one of the best investments around right now. With further developments due throughout 2023, now could be just the right time for investors looking for high returns on their investments!