Crypto Exchanges Limit US Customers‘ Access to 4 Tokens

• Etoro is delisting four tokens ALGO, MATIC, MANA, and DASH starting July 12 for US customers
• Robinhood has also recently taken similar action in June
• The SEC has classified the four aforementioned tokens as securities

Etoro to Limit US Customers’ Access to Four Major Cryptocurrencies

eToro is an Israeli multi-asset investment platform widely known for social trading. Starting July 12th, 2023, eToro will be delisting ALGO, MATIC, MANA, and DASH for US customers. However, US customers can still hold and sell any open positions in these tokens. This move comes shortly after Robinhood declared that it would be removing SOL, MATIC and ADA from its platform due to its “latest review”.

SEC Lawsuit Against Coinbase & Binance

eToro makes no mention of the SEC lawsuit against the two largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Binance. However, it claims that this change is being made “in light of recent developments” which could refer to the SEC’s classification of the four mentioned tokens as securities.

Adjustment to Avoid Regulatory Issues

With the SEC’s recent enforcement strategy towards cryptocurrencies more businesses may follow in line with eToro and Robinhood in order to avoid regulatory issues which could further negatively impact users based in the US.

Impact on Non-US Customers

The platform claims that this change won’t have an impact on non-US customers so they can still hold open positions or buy/sell these tokens as usual.


In conclusion, eToro’s decision to delist four major cryptocurrencies might be a preemptive move against potential legal action from regulatory agencies such as the SEC. This decision might cause some disruption for some US customers but should not have any major repercussions on non-US customers using eToro’s services.