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Echtgeld Casino App

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Echtgeld Casino App

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It hits the wrong people

It should be clear that a ban will never stop market activities. As the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s and all „wars against drugs“ show, a ban does not solve a problem. On the contrary, it is the criminalization of the activity that causes the problems. Black markets emerge to meet demand. In black markets there are no quality controls of the traders – the consumer is left behind.

In addition, the ban of the Bitcoin code demands countless lives, as can be seen in Mexico, for example

A ban on Bitcoin code privacy would therefore not solve the „problem“. In effect, this would only mean that the average citizen would no longer have a Bitcoin code. For those who raise enough capital can, of course, also buy their quiet minutes in monitored systems. Ultimately, the population is not protected, but extradited.

The fact that privacy is being demonised is a cause for concern. While states like to hold up the shield of „human rights“ to justify their actions, these rights are not clearly defined. An inadequate definition ultimately permits any interpretation. This matter is at the heart of every society, affecting the rights of all of us. Is it really unthinkable that states could use their power? In Germany, it is not 30 years since the Stasi harassed GDR citizens. According to Edward Snowden’s revelations, it is clear that surveillance today is taking place on a completely new level.

Bitcoin code is not a crime

The principle-based opposition to the power maximizing demands of governments is that the body and fruits of its labor are the property of man. Here is Longtail mit reviewthe review of the Bitcoin code. This position of self-ownership has been argued in prominent ways by thinkers like John Locke and Murray Rothbard. Thus, for example, freedom of speech stems from the self-ownership of each person. The freedom to move the tongue and lips in a certain way results from self-ownership. But man has not only the right to speak, but also the right to remain silent. If a person does not want to share certain information with the world, he must not be forced to do so. These property rights are determined by man’s nature and not by an arbitrarily imposed state apparatus. Thus man has a natural right to privacy, which takes priority over the state.

If man has a natural right to privacy, then who is the criminal – the supervised or the supervisor?

Listening is not limited to crypto currencies. Social media and any meta-information are also tapped and stored via the Internet. Crypto currencies are in so far as threatening as to undermine the US government’s money monopoly. The US dollar based on oil could theoretically lose its dominance and its value. This would mean that much of the global power of the US empire would vanish into thin air. It is not surprising that the powerful do not want to lose their position. But the technology available today allows the individual to regain sovereignty – and privacy.